Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse

Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse & bar is the place where you can not only taste the best Japanese food, but also immerse yourself in a delightful and euphoric Japanese style environment. Here you can have the authentic Japanese cuisine, abundant choices of sushi dishes and distinctive hibachi grill meal. Our most skilled hibachi chefs select the freshest food material and provide best services to our customers.

The owner, Justin Qiu, is an experienced and excellent restaurant operator. He has managed his first restaurant in Carbondale for fifteen years and made it one of the hottest restaurant in the town. Then he expanded the business and has his second restaurant in Effingham. Now his new restaurant is coming to Mt. Vernon. This restaurant was built from the ground, and it costs over 2 million dollars. Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse & bar is dedicated to bring customers an experience of eating best Japanese food in a most stylish environment.

The parking lot here is also spacious. Come and join us today, get relaxed and get nurtured right away!